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Brick House S&C is a health & fitness facility that will provide clients with a professional environment, efficient training, recovery, & nutritional consulting.


BH Strength and Conditioning is a full body class focusing on strengthening all parts of the body and increasing your endurance. We will guide you through mobility drills and a dynamic warm-up that will properly prime you for all of your movements in class.

Tuesday & Thursday @ 7pm
Saturday @ 9am

Classes can be purchased by package or separately.

The package is designed to challenge you, push your limits, and help you achieve tangible results
+ 4 personalized strength and conditioning workouts
+ 1 personalized mobility workout
+ nutritional guidance

This package is perfect for individuals who want to commit to a well-rounded fitness routine, maximize their results, and enjoy the benefits of both online and in-person training.
+2 online strength and conditioning workouts
+ 2 in-person strength and conditioning workouts
+ mobility included in all workouts
+ nutritional guidance




Access to Brick House
from 5am-8pm.

7 DAY pass

7 day trial

Access to Brick House
7 consecutive days from 5am-8pm.

1 DAY pass

1 day pass

Access to Brick House
1 day from 5am-8pm.

Open Turf

High-end Equipment


Private Workout Studio

Secure Lockers

Powerlifiting/CrossFit Equipment


Performance of physical exercises which are designed to improve strength, muscle building, and calorie burning.


Performance of aerobic training which improve cardiovascular capacity, & fatigue.


Performance of physical anaerobic, & aerobic exercises which improve cardio & muscular endurance.


Performance of interval training, a cardiovascular exercises strategy alternating short rest periods of intense anaerobic with less intense recovery periods.




Danielle DiCaterino is a certified personal trainer specializing in strength training and conditioning. She also holds a pain free performance specialist certification helping people move around the common presence of pain and injuries through mobility, stretching, and corrective exercise protocols.



Certified Elite trainer, DBC Level 1 Certified, & Level 2 Nutritionist
Jeremy Watford started his Black Owned business to improve the lives of others mentally, physically, and emotionally through diet and exercise. Everyone deserves to live their best life and you haven't lived your best life until you've seen what proper movement and better nutrition can do for YOU.




Jackie believes that living a healthy lifestyle begins with maintaining a strong and healthy body. Jackie's aim is to help you identify your fitness goals, design an exercise program that fits your needs and guide you through every exercise, every workout! Jackie has been coaching for almost 5 years now with various certifications under her belt such as being a certified Pain-Free Performance Specialist and a certified Kettlebell Advanced coach! Jackie coaches both men and women with a primary focus on strength and conditioning.



Courtney Ingram is NASM certified personal trainer specializing in strength and conditioning. Courtney is dedicated to helping every individual she encounters reach their health and fitness goals, and create a better version of themselves, both mentally and physically. Helping Busy, Career-Driven Women Transform and Thrive Through Strength & Habit Training.



Leks is a coach and certified personal trainer with a unique style of training. She has trained professional basketball and NFL players. She has a client base of life-letes and Athletes from all different demographics. Her passion for optimum health, wellness, strength, and performance goes beyond the gym and weight room. She focuses on helping her clients reach their goals while improving their mobility, strength, and day to day performance.



Lainie Cassel is a Nutritional Therapy Practitioner (NTP) and Strength Coach who has worked with everyone from office workers with chronic pain to elite athletes. She provides an educational-based and holistic approach to training and nutrition that is meant to give clients the foundational skills necessary to gain strength while also improving movement patterns, body composition and overall well-being.



Kelli is no stranger to the sports and fitness realm. She was a successful basketball player at a collegiate level and played professionally overseas. Her love for sports has taught her to be passionate about motivating individuals around her to reach their full potential and become the best version of themselves.
FBK’s mission is to assist clients with learning proper health and fitness techniques and how to incorporate exercise into their daily routine free of pain while enhancing strength, mobility and overall performance. Kelli is committed to continuous education to better serve and lead clients to long-term success, consistency and confidence. She knows just what to give her clients on any given day.



Dan Matha focuses on strength and conditioning with a specialty on hypertrophy (muscle building) Dan's unique experience as a WWE superstar has allowed him to combine the world of athletics and aesthetics into a sustainable training program that will guarantee longevity throughout your life. His years of studying from top coaches in the world and years of real world experience under the bar will insure your results in the least amount of time.



Her journey as a coach started in 2019 after an ACL injury while playing collegiate basketball. She is an ISSA Certified Personal Trainer and Level 1 Nutritionist, and currently pursuing her CSCS.
She was able to rehabilitate and learn from her injury the importance of work load and recovery during pre/post season. Her focus is helping women athletes perform at the best of their level while staying injury free. Growing up as an athlete she understands the amount of effort it takes to develop and perfect a craft, and the importance of doing that with the healthiest version of yourself. It’s your time to choose best for your best..

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BRICK HOUSE Deadcember

Introducing "Deadcember" - a game-changing 6-week online program by Brick House! This exclusive program is designed to help you boost your strength in two key lifts: the deadlift and the bench press. With a strong emphasis on results and convenience, Deadcember brings you a comprehensive training experience right to your fingertips.